Since 1987, Medicale gaze's pharmaceutical laboratories have designed, manufactured single-use medical devices.

Medicale Gaze was created to acheive the strategic goals linked to the needs and requirements of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and distributors of medical devices.

For more than 30 years, our laboratory has successfully positionned itself among the most important actors of single-use medical devices manufacturing and marketing, such as compresses, bandages, adhesive dressings, medical kits and care sets for large health structures.
Innovation will remain a key foundation of our strategy. Indeed, Medicale Gaze laboratories also want to be initiators of new solutions, through their ranges of medical devices and their ability to design new products as well as the registration of patents allowing them to be cited among the african leaders in medical devices.

With 2 production sites in Tunis, capital of Tunisia, Medicale Gaze Labs is located in a strategic location: 10 minutes from the main international cargo port Rades and 15 minutes from Carthage international airport.
The premises are easily accessible thanks to the multitude of transport networks that serve them.

Company History
The origin of the name " Medicale Gaze" dates back to 1987. The company introduced the technology of manufacturing ready-to-use sterile compesses in large Tunisian health facilities, which previously required time and labor to manually cut and fold rolls of gauze and then sterilize under suboptimal conditions.

In the world
Thanks to our policy and competitiveness, Medicale gaze is present in 13 countries spread over 3 continants. Our company's presence in the world is established either through a network of business partners who distribute MEGA brand products or through an OEM strategy. Quality, performance and competitiveness are the values on which Medicale Gaze laboratories are based. This know-how has enabled it to acquire new markets and to build loyalty among its partners.
Medicale Gaze laboratories remain interested in expanding their activities and remain open to any form of partnership in order to develop or carry out new projects.


Since its creations, Medicale Gaze has continuously improved its skills to meet quality requirements, scrupulously obeying European standards and the international regulation.
Medicale Gaze laboratories have certifications and markings: CE and ISO 13485.
MEGA has relied on the application of a quality assurance system through:

- Clean rooms (class ISO 7) validated and regularly checked according to the standards in force (ISO 14644).
- Delimitation of production, control, storage and transit areas.
- Production and control methods adapted and up-to-date according to the development of techniques and standards.
- Validation of all processes having a direct or indirect impact on the quality and / or safety of use of our products.
- Application of defined procedures.
- Continuous training of staff.
- Compliance with production conditions under the supervision of national and international inspection bodies.
- Permanent availability of products at the MEGA depot level.
- Availability of a highly qualified sales team to meet user needs and ensure appropriate information on usage and product control techniques.
Our Mission
Through its long experience, MEDICALE GAZE has constantly developed its skills by improving processes and products to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Our Products

- Hydrophilic swabs with soft texture.
- Good absorption capacity (more than 8 times its weight).
- Folding with tucked edges to avoid the risk of fraying.
- Sterilizable or sterile (recommended steam sterilization) with protective packaging and sterilization indicator.
- Easily detectable X-ray for swabs with barium wire.

- Hydrophilic swabs, soft and non-adherent.
- Good absorption capacity (more than 8 times its weight).
- Good resistance allowing a safety of use.
- Folding with tucked and sewn edges to avoid the risk of fraying.
- Sterilizable or sterile with protective packaging and sterilization indicator.
- Easily detectable X-ray for swabs wi

- Hydrophilic with good absorption capacity.
- Maximum aeration due to the shape of the balls.
- Not frayed.
- Sterilizable or sterile with protective packaging and sterilization indicator.

- Hydrophilic swabs with a flexible texture.
- Bonne capacité d’absorption : plus de 9 fois son poids.
- Satisfaction with requirements for air permeability.
- Sterilizable or sterile with protective packaging and sterilization indicator.

- Fastening bands expandable to more than 50%.
- Soft and resistant bandages.
- Satisfaction with requirements for air permeability.
- Without risk of fraying.
- Good adaptation to different manipulations.
- Sterilizable (recommended steam sterilization).

- Soft and resistant bands.
- Aerated and respect perspiration.
- Not frayed with colored threads at the edges.
- Extensible about 100% and keep the elasticity after stretching.
- Provide constant average compression.
- Good adaptation to different manipulations, allowing mobility.
- Sterilizable (recommended steam sterilization) and washable at 40 ° C

Kit de soin stérile utilisé au cours de séances d’hémodialyse et contenant tous les dispositifs nécessaires pour les opérations de branchement et de débranchement des aiguilles.

Kit de soin stérile, utilisé au cours de l’ablation des sutures chirurgicales, contenant tous les dispositifs nécessaires pour ôter les agrafes au niveau des plaies après cicatrisation.

- Bande adhésive hypoallergénique à texture souple.
- Perméable à l’air grâce à sa texture micro-perforée.
- Meilleur pouvoir d’adhésion et de fixation.
- Découpe facile à la main.

- Compresses hydrophiles à texture souple.
- Bonne capacité d’absorption (plus de 8 fois son poids).
- Pliage à bords rentrés permettant d’éviter les risques d’effilochage.
- Stérilisables ou stériles (stérilisation à la vapeur recommandée) avec emballage protecteur et indicateur de stérilisation.
- Facilement détectables aux rayons X pour les compresse